CBD market research trends and analysis – 2019 social and search data

Our data shows that interest in CBD (cannabidiol) is outpacing many other wellness trends, as measured by multiple virality metrics, across several markets and lifestyle areas – from sports, to wellness, to pets. 

A client in the sport/athletics space approached us to understand how social media and search data could help us understand the CBD audience composition. Our research shows how interest in CBD is growing among the public, how relevant and in-demand are sport and pain relief use cases, and who, exactly, is engaging around the topic.


(a sample slide from the report)

We designed a 3-part research approach including:

  1. Trend Measurement
  2. Category Listening
  3. Audience Mapping

Understanding major trends in the culture such as the growth of the CBD market –which is happening in many different industries and appealing to different audiences– requires a robust trend-spotting methodology, and a way to measure the trend, in order to understand the size of the CBD market and plan products and business cases around them. 

In the case of CBD, it’s important to understand the market and segment the audiences who are interested in it in order to be able to truly follow the trend itself and predict how various products, marketing campaigns and content strategies will play out amongst its fans.


Our white paper focuses the market trends about CBD + medical cannabis, and gives a sneak peek of other trend analyses we’ve done in 2018. 

Fill out the form below to get the full white paper (you may also watch the author talk through the research on our recorded, on-demand webinar).


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