On-demand webinar: bullet-proofing your new business pitch with data-driven insights

Putting together the right pitch to win new business can be like mixing up the ingredients for a perfect cocktail: you need to know your audience and whether they’ll like the ingredients you’re including, you need to time your execution perfectly, and you need to shake it up so that people are blown away by something they thought they knew.

We recently ran a webinar discussing how you can use data-driven insights to win a new business pitch. Following a major study of how global agencies extract insights from data to create strategies, we identified an important workflow of using social data analysis to uncover the data-driven insights you need to stand out from the crowd.  This empowers agency clients win new pitches by demonstrating an understanding of both the big picture and the specific details clients are looking for, using a tasty gin-based case study to prove our point. It’s the perfect mix for any pitch. 

If you missed the webinar, the video is available to watch below – a few key takeaways included:

  • Showing an understanding of digital behavior is vital to ensure you know the general landscape a brand is operating in, and also begins the funnel for a targeted insight-driven content strategy that resonates.
  • With Pulsar, you can see how different users engage about various topics through our network graph. Understanding what the connections between topics are and showing that you not only understand the general landscape but the specific reasons content resonates with users.
  • Showing you understand audiences isn’t quite enough to win a pitch – you need to back it up with a solid strategy. Using audience intelligence and data-driven insights you can analyze imagery that appeals to the audience personas you’ve specified, and optimize your strategy to be pushed out at the key times the audience are online.

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