The Audience of Electronic Music in the UK with David Boyle

The Audience of Electronic Music in the UK with David Boyle

6th March 2024

Who’s the Audience of Electronic Music? How has it evolved over the past few years? Where is it going next? 

Over the last 40 years electronic music in the UK has gone from counterculture to mainstream with far reaching influences outside music and into domains like fashion and pop-culture. In this transition, electronic music has gone from being an identity for a specific community, to becoming a platform for a broad range of audiences to express themselves. And in the process, electronic music has become a key driver of economic growth in many countries, but particularly so in the UK. Now a newly released study by the Night Time Industry Association in the UK shines a light on the cultural, social and economic impact of electronic music in the UK and we are joined by David Boyle, Director at Audience Strategies and one of the author of the report, to discuss how the audience of electronic music has evolved in the UK. We discuss the pioneering impact the British scene had on electronic music worldwide, changing demographics, shifting music tastes, evolving economies and premiumization, as well as risks and opportunities for the industry emerging with the new audiences joining the scene.

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