The Audience of Snapchat with Lea Karam

The Audience of Snapchat with Lea Karam

21st February 2024

Who’s the Audience of Snapchat? How has it evolved over the past few years? Where is it going next? 👻

Discover how Snapchat fosters loyalty and community by addressing users’ most top concern on social platforms right now: authenticity. Ranked as the #1 happiest platform, Snapchat has been on the scene since 2011 and has since grown to 400 million daily and 800 million monthly active users. With a focus on messaging, connection and personal content shared with a closed audience, Snapchat creates an individualized social media ecosystem. Learn how brands fit into that ecosystem, why young demographics are attracted to the app and why Snapchat is encouraging its users to get streaking

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