The Audience of Sustainability – with Jess Francis and Oliver Orlik of McCann Worldgroup

The Audience of Sustainability – with Jess Francis and Oliver Orlik of McCann Worldgroup

4th April 2024

Who’s the Audience of Sustainability? How has it evolved over the past few years? Where is it going next? 🌱

What role does the personal definition of sustainability among consumers play in brands’ sustainability choices? We’re joined by Jess Francis, Senior Global Strategist, McCann Worldgroup Truth Central and Oliver Orlik, Global Sustainability Manager at McCann to explore the shift towards making sustainable choices the default rather than the aspiration. Together we discuss how sustainability audiences have evolved, the intersection of sustainability with various sectors, and the challenges of greenwashing in marketing. Integrating sustainability into narrative management has never been more important - and the future trajectory of sustainability audiences calls for brands to connect sustainability with other consumer concerns like the cost of living crisis and healthcare. 

Listen to explore:

🐝 How every job is a sustainability job (yes, even yours!)

🌱 Practical steps brands can take towards addressing greenwashing

♻️ Evolving sustainability audiences and expectations

🍃 Understanding narratives in sustainability communication

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