Fashion Industry Trends, Insights & Market Research: Spring/Summer 2019

More than in any other industry, trends in fashion evolve rapidly, and staying atop of what is trending now in fashion is essential for brands and industry professionals. 

Our VP of U.S. Strategy & Research Marc Geffen explored a set of growing fashion trends with the intent to unearth insights to inform business and marketing decisions.

“We scanned the top fashion and style magazines and blogs to collect predictions on which fashion trends would be big this year. We then measured the social media public’s interest – analyzing not just the conversation volume around each topic, but also the shape, scale, and trajectory of each trend according to our virality model,” he says. 


Here’s some stand-out fashion trends insights from our deck:

  • Scrunchies and Biker Shorts are the hottest trends we measured, in terms of both year over year and recent growth rates.
  • Neon attracts the highest overall buzz volume, has grown year-over-year, and continues to grow as of the last 30 days – but not as fast as Scrunchies or Biker Shorts.
  • The Scrunchies audience includes a range of location, age, and affinity segments, from Southern Pop Culturists to LA Music Teens.
  • Interest in Bucket Hats exhibits ‘streaky’ growth: different from a steady trend, interest has increased but with high volatility.
  • As far as prints and colors, Animal Print and Marigold seem to have taken a path of steady growth.
  • The report also outlines the fastest-growing fashion DTC brands in terms of social buzz.

Download the full report below. 

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