Event: Catch Pulsar at this year’s Prolific North Live Expo, Manchester


Taking place at EventCity on Thursday 16th February, Pulsar will join some of the brightest business minds from across the UK as leading marketing, branding and experiential agencies, content and engagement specialists, advertising and PR firms, broadcasters, TV and film production companies, tech innovators, media suppliers all come together under one roof. Catch our brilliant Senior Development Manager Sophie Baker (@sophie121089) at the event and talk to her to find out how Pulsar can help your brand or brands tap into human insights that can inspire flawless strategy and original thinking. Besides Miss Baker being there of course, this event will feature several high profile speakers confirmed from huge brands such as Paddy Power, uSwitch, Microsoft, Virgin Trains, Everton Football Club, Sky,...

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Pulsar New Starter: Josh Kachimba

Josh Kachimba

Meet Josh Kachimba, a man that once came face to face with an elephant and scared it off with a slight wink (he did say it was the Game Rancher’s gun but personally I think he is just being modest). Josh joins us, as the newest member of the Pulsar family and forms part of our Inside Sales team. Get to know him a little more below:       Tell us, where have you been up until now? For the past few years I’ve been studying either in London (6th form, IB) or Canterbury (University of Kent). Before that I was back in Zambia for a few years and since then, I’ve been bouncing around Europe and Turkey. What’s...

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Event: Catch Pulsar at Executing Shopper Insights 2017, London

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 16.15.52

On the 8th and 9th of February, we as Pulsar will be showing our faces at a special London-based event that focuses on understanding the next generation of shoppers. Besides us attending, Executing Shopper Insights 2017 will feature a some of the best and most exciting brands/retailers under one roof. Gain insight-out analysis and discover how we can help you get to the heart of conversations that are taking place online. We’ll be represented by Senior Business Development Manager James Lovell and Head of Inside Sales Amy Stratton. Find them there to see how how our platform can revolutionise your business, and help you collect insights that answer questions such as: what does your audience like? What don’t they like? And most importantly,...

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Brand Dig: Dove, Air BnB and Ryanair Fight Against Incorrect Political Agendas

Push For Change

In this blog series, we dig into the world of marketing and discuss brands, news, trends and examples that have made the digital headlines. In this week’s post, researcher Harry looks at how brands are taking a moral stance against controversial politics.   Dove shows the absurdity of Trump’s lies   Rather than call them for what they really are – outrageous lies – one of the chief counselors to the newly inaugurated US president described his fibs as “alternative facts”. While it certainly adds another dimension to the 2016 word of year “post-truth”, it’s not quite as elegant as the latter euphemism. But before it disappeared from the headlines, one brand decided to have some fun with it. The beauty...

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Join Pulsar: Digital Marketing Executive


How does brand engagement evolve over time? Which brand won the battle of the Christmas ad campaigns? Does social media move the needle on brand perceptions? Which of your digital marketing activities actually work? These are the types of questions we help creatives, marketers and planners answer. In the last six years, we’ve been the firm defining what social media research is and what it can deliver within insight, marketing and beyond. We are continually developing Pulsar to give us the smartest technology in the industry – such as audience analytics and algorithmic image recognition. Then we use these tools to gain powerful insights and solve our clients’ business problems – for brands, communications, innovation & strategy. We think this is...

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Trends that are Inspiring a Fresh Start to the Year


It’s that time of year again. We’ve spent the Christmas break drinking too much mulled wine, prosecco, beer or in our case, an embarrassing number of gin shots (a Pulsar favourite for some reason). Now all you need to do is give your body a rest. Cue… Dry January.     With people trying to shake off the holiday hangover (and making sure everyone knows it) by posting gym selfies and juice diets, it’s no surprise that this latest health fad is creating a lot of buzz on Social Media. In fact, within the first three weeks of the new year, #dryjanuary was mentioned in the UK over 21,000 times on Twitter alone, with most discussions taking place over the...

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Brand Dig: The Controversial Stars of a Digital Age


In this blog series, we dig into the world of marketing and discuss brands, news, trends and examples that have made the digital headlines. In this week’s post, marketer Kyle looks at how the younger viewers are more inclined to follow the stars of the digital screen rather than stage and film. Like when a young John Travolta or Audrey Hepburn first burst on the scene, they were met with a younger audience that seem to resonate with them. Maybe it was because these stars seem to understand a world that the older generation hadn’t quite yet grasped. This is no more true than today with the rise of the YouTube stars. Recent studies show that the youth are going against the...

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Pulsar New Starter: Alex Messant

Alex Man

Meet Alex Messant, the newest member of the Pulsar family and part of our Inside Sales team. This avid traveler and what some people say, Shia Laboeuf look-a-like (I can personally see it but we’ll only really know if he starts becoming incoherently angry), joins us fresh off the plane after adventuring for 2 months. Before joining Pulsar, Alex went travelling around Central America, visiting the mystical and mysterious countries of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Nicaragua. While there, Alex enjoyed some casual holiday activities such as soaking up the sun – while climbing an erupting volcano and sledding down the same volcano like a kid at Christmas. He also found some time to relax in the ocean… in a cage…...

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Pulsar & FACE merge for global expansion


It’s happened. After years of cohabiting, we’re excited to announce research agency FACE has joined forces with Pulsar, moving towards a bigger, brighter future together. Read our full press release below: Audience intelligence platform Pulsar has secured significant investment from its parent company Cello PLC, as part of its global growth strategy. Launched in 2013, Pulsar currently has over 2000 users worldwide and is still one of few SaaS solutions on the market that successfully fills the gap between social listening and in-depth qualitative market research. Job Muscroft, CEO of Pulsar, comments on the funding: “This injection is going to help us create foundations for global expansion over the next 3 years. It will allow us to invest in extended product, research,...

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Brand Dig: The Rewards of an Advertising Campaign that Celebrates Real Health


In this blog series, we dig into the world of marketing and discuss brands, news, trends and examples that have made the digital headlines. In this week’s post, marketer Kyle looks at how creative is being applied to a industry that is usually very standardised, due to strict regulations. Health it’s the most important thing in one’s life. This begs the question, why has the health industry lacked such creativity? From the “Don’t smoke or your skin will turn black and eyes bleed” cigarette package warnings, to the “Get a 5% increase on your life insurance policy if you don’t die in the next 150 years” sleazy insurance ad, there seems to be a recurring trend where preparing for a...

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