New on Pulsar: go deeper into your audience analysis

19th March 2018

How do people discuss or engage with a topic? Understanding that is first step of audience analysis: finding out exactly who these people are, their demographic traits and interests, their behavior and how you can best understand what motivates them.



Our audience analysis on Pulsar now allows you to do just that. You can profile a brand’s organic audience; profile the audience that talks about a specific topic; the audience that shares specific content; or the audience that follows certain accounts.

Pulsar now provides the following metrics:
  • Demographics of the users engaged in the conversation: their gender; their location (country and city), and the language they speak.
  • Their interests, based on their bios.
  • Segmentation by bio keywords, so you can identify groups of people involved in the conversation, based on their self-identification in their bios (eg. ‘mum’, ‘developer’, ‘foodie’).

Having insight into your audience composition is useful for a number of reasons:

  • For planners, this helps them understand who they are creating content for. They can test the validity of their targeting and assess whether they can uncover new segments, or tap into unknown territories.
  • For in-house creatives working for brands, this could be useful for gaining a deeper understanding of their current customer base or potential customers, and therefore inform how their brand is perceived and how it resonates with their target audience.

So, how can you best leverage this feature on Pulsar? Well, let's say you're someone who is developing a pitch for a brand that sells soft drinks. You could start by creating a topic tracker based around soft drinks (eg. ‘fizzy’, ‘refreshing’, ‘thirsty’), and then you can profile the audience talking about these topics, and understand, whether they are male or female, whether they live in urban or rural areas, and what sort of other topics they discuss alongside fizzy drinks.

Or, you could have been running a campaign on fizzy drinks already, and you want to find out how it has been shared and by whom. Using Pulsar, you can start to further understand the audience your campaign has resonated with. You can even go one step further, this time by profiling the audiences of various soft drink brands using Pulsar’s panel tracking capabilities - which helps you to find gaps in the market.

Ready to get started? You can access the audience analysis via the Audience section, which sits right next to the Overview tab when you go into any search on Pulsar TRAC.

See below for more examples:

Graph showing top bio keywords grouped by Gender (Male or Female)




Treemap Graph showing top bio keywords grouped by Location (Country or City)





Network graph showing top bio keywords of the people who discuss the topic “milk”, grouped into 5 different segments.