Pulsar, an official certified PYLON Partner for Facebook Topic Data.

Pulsar is now officially a certified PYLON partner for Facebook topic data. This follows Pulsar’s partnership with DataSift in June 2015, as one of the first social media intelligence tools to launch anonymised and aggregated Facebook Topic Data.

DataSift’s PYLON partners is “the most innovative partner ecosystem dedicated to developing social data technologies.” It also means we can embed this shiny new badge onto our website:


What does this mean for Pulsar clients?

With 1.55 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the world’s largest digital platform – and it’s where many brands make their biggest digital marketing investment. Now for the first time, the big picture of consumer activity across Facebook is available for marketing insight through new anonymised and aggregated Facebook topic data.

PYLON for Facebook Topic Data enables companies to analyze what is being shared on Facebook while respecting privacy.” Visualised perfectly in the diagram below:

facebook-topic-data-diagramImage by DataSift

Facebook Topic Data is crucial to get rich insights about pretty much any online audience. For example, we were given exclusive access to a Facebook Topic dataset comprising of three car brands: BMW, Ford and Honda. In this three part series, which starts with ‘Using Pulsar’s new audience dashboard to uncover who talks about cars on Facebook‘,  our social media researcher, Sameer Shah dissects all mentions of said brands to discover their audience demographics and main topics of conversations.

Facebook Topic Data is also essential for PR firms. We work with many PR firms who are now using Facebook Topic Data. In an interview with PR Moments, VP of Product Francesco D’Orazio talks about the implication of this data for the PR industry: ‘What Facebook Topic Data means for the PR industry’ and how it is changing the game.

Last year we also introduced our new Audience Dashboard, which allows you to organise your dataset by gender, age, country and languages and provides a more holistic view of the data – the perfect tool to accompany the use of Facebook Topic Data.

Being a PYLON Partner has meant our clients have access to a wealth of data, that was not available before. If you have any questions about Facebook topic data make sure you check our previous blog post on FAQs here.

If you’re already using Pulsar and want to learn more about our Facebook Topic Data, please contact your account manager or email: [email protected].

Alternatively, if you’re yet to experience the power of Pulsar and you’d like to set up a demo, email [email protected] or call us on 020 7874 6577.

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