Creative Insights: How agencies are using social data to drive creative strategy, aka the jobs to be done

Today we understand audiences a lot better than we did ten years ago, but we still talk to them as if we don’t. While working daily with hundreds of agencies across the world, Pulsar surveyed and interviewed strategists, planners, analysts and creatives in the UK and US, between 13 major creative and media agencies to uncover their jobs to be done.

Their answers gave us illuminating insights into how data makes it into the workflow of creative teams, how it becomes insights and how those insights are incorporated into campaign strategy.

Using insights as a focal point isn’t new, but the scale is new and interesting. This comes from agencies now being on the execution side as well as the strategy and planning side – especially when it comes to social media – across multiple channels.

Technical skill is evolving into an ability to synthesize insights and ‘cut through the noise.’ This is used as a key driver of every creative strategy or idea generated by the team. We wanted to demystify this concept, so we looked at the actual ways agencies are using data to develop creative strategies, in practise. How are the most successful agencies using data and audience intelligence to support creative work?

What is the purpose of audience intelligence within a creative team? It’s all about understanding mindsets for a creative team. This means understanding an audience’s attitudes, behaviors and beliefs within a particular context.

We answered these questions and used the answers to pull together a list of tasks these agencies complete to extract insights from social data for creativity and marketing and turned them into a framework of jobs to be done. This a social data research methodology for creativity.

Download the whitepaper now to uncover the replicable jobs to be done framework that can be applied to all areas of creative work using data for the insights needed for a pitch, or strategy when working with clients.

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