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24 features we built into Pulsar in 2020

Building the future of audience intelligence with AI, segmentation & the best data


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    The ‘Future of Work’ is changing. So is the focus for consulting firms
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    The Most Influential TikTok Collab Houses
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    How Substack took over newsletters
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    Sex and the Socially Distanced City: Snapchat Premium and Onlyfans

Attitudes to the Covid vaccine across US cities

Where do we find positivity, negativity and nervousness?

How did audiences behave on Giving Tuesday?

The ways in which we give are changing

Search Data Insights: Social & Search Insights in One Tool

Search & social data are best looked at in conjunction

The Wirecard FinTech Scandal: 3 takeaways from how it played out online

How did information travel online as the firm spiralled towards insolvency?

Airline complaints in 2020: fewer, and quite different (CX)

As one would expect, airline customer concerns have changed radically in 2020

Christmas Ads 2020: Controversy overtakes festivity (of course)

The debate around representation means food & shopping barely register as topics

TikTok & education: what users want to learn about

A bottoms-up curriculum including science, recipes & plastic surgery