A big welcome to our newest hire, Jeremy!

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You don’t need me to tell you how Pulsar continues to pull in some of the finest talent out there – and this week, Jeremy joins us as Enterprise Business Development Executive to be based in our New York office, locating and recruiting new brands to work with Pulsar’s cutting edge technology.     So Jeremy, over to you…   Tell us, where have you been up until now? I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and I graduated nearby, from the California University of Pennsylvania. That is where I studied Marketing and Public Relations. Shortly after, I began working for the AMPD Group as their Marketing Manager and VIP host for one of their premier nightclubs. After two years, I decided to...

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How companies are treading that fine line between pushing boundaries and overstepping the mark

Overstepping mark

  ‘Exploitative’ and ‘insensitive’ are certainly not words that you want to be associated with your brand. Yet, it currently seems that not a week goes by without brands being forced to apologise to their customers with their tails tucked between their legs. When we switch on our TVs, scroll our Facebook feeds or tune into the radio, we want adverts to resonate with us…maybe even make us smile, laugh a little, or encourage us to buy that thing that we hope might improve our lives (for at least all of 5 minutes). What we definitely don’t want, however, is for these adverts to offend us. Yet, at a time when opinions are often polarized and sensitive issues proving highly...

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A big welcome to Lucy Illidge, our new Enterprise Business Development Executive

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Yep, another new starter. Ain’t no stopping Pulsar’s growth. And now, we welcome Lucy Illidge, Pulsar’s newest Enterprise Business Development Executive. She’s going to predominantly be working within the Middle Eastern markets and becoming an unabashed brand advocate. So Lucy, over to you… Tell us, where have you been up until now? I graduated from the University of Manchester back in July and made the most of my last ever 4 month summer with a lot of holidays! I brunched a lot in Bahrain, explored Greek islands with my boyfriend then did a USA road trip around Texas with my fam. It was fabulous. So, I’ve had a short history before Pulsar. And then, I filled the past 8 months with IT sales....

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Pulsar is Hiring: We’re looking for a Digital Content Marketer


Pulsar is looking for a Content Marketer to join the Marketing team in our Shoreditch office in London. The ideal candidate will be an expert in all things content: someone who plays the laptop keyboard like a piano virtuoso, who can imagine compelling ideas for blogs and papers in their sleep, and who has a firm understanding of digital marketing, including content strategy, market research, data trends & the social media market as whole. Pulsar is a software platform that helps organisations of all shapes and sizes come to data-led insights, and help them become more relevant to their audiences. That might sound like we’re all about bar charts and numbers, but actually, it’s the opposite: we’re all about understanding online behaviour on a human level,...

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Pulsar New Starter: Emily Sanné

New Starter Emily

We welcome another new starter to the Pulsar team this week, with Emily Sanné, our new Product Manager who will be working closely with our CORE product.   So, Emily, take it away…   Tell us, where have you been up until now? For the past 4 years I’ve been working at MEC in the A&I department. Starting in Social Insight and Research, I managed to convince them (Lord knows how) that it was a good idea to develop some of our own products, thereby creating a Product Innovation team with three of my colleagues. Whilst I specialised in social data, I also went on to help develop tools looking at attribution, programmatic, display and search data. Pretty sexy stuff.   What’s...

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Join us at the Great CRM Pub Quiz!


  On Thursday 11th May, Eilidh Macdonald, Head of Agencies at Pulsar, takes to the stage at The Great CRM Pub Quiz, presented by The Drum’s independent agency of the year, Intermarketing Agency. Joining thought leaders from Sainsbury’s, NSPCC and DMA, Eilidh will be discussing questions posed by Intermarketing Group Managing Partner, Steve Sowden.     The questions will address key issues such as: “Is Big Data still delivering Big? Or should marketers start swapping their big data telescope for a smart data microscope? Do we have an emperor’s new clothes mentality about embracing new channels for the sake of it? Or are too many marketers stuck in a traditional CRM rut?” Book your place here See you there!

Brand Dig: When a product has flaws, brands need a communication strategy that understands their audience.

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In this blog series, we dig into the world of marketing and discuss brands, news, trends and examples that have made the digital headlines. In this week’s post, researcher Harry looks at how Samsung and Huawei have responded to their recent product controversies.   Samsung discovers how loyal people can be If you’ve boarded a plane in the last few weeks you may have heard the flight attendant make a strange announcement. Before asking you to listen to the safety demonstration, many air stewards are now requesting any passenger with a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to hand it over. The reason? There are so many reports of the smartphone spontaneously combusting that the device is now considered a safety hazard.  ...

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Pulsar New Starter: Alice Crossland

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Meet Ally, author, research manager and the newest member of Pulsar. Find out a little more about this interesting character, as we put her wit to the test with a few questions.   Tell us, what have you been up to until now? I’ve been working at a media agency, across several clients but mostly on TfL – which was eye opening but awesome. I did a variety of qual and quant studies such as ethnographies, audience segmentations and plenty of social listening. What’s been the most interesting job you’ve had before you found a career at Pulsar? Honestly, the summer I spent stuffing Bestival tickets into envelopes. Finally, when you take over the world with Pulsar, what will be...

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Using Pulsar to Estimate the Time for a Trend to become a Legend


When exactly will Carter get his nuggets? Not long, it seems… One question is on course to beat the highest number of retweets ever, but more importantly, can it surpass 18 million? And can Carter finally get his year of chicken nuggets. HELP ME PLEASE. A MAN NEEDS HIS NUGGS pic.twitter.com/4SrfHmEMo3 — Carter Wilkerson (@carterjwm) April 6, 2017 Brands are increasingly taking on youthful personalities to engage with core demographics – Tesco Mobile & O2 rap battled back in 2013, PaddyPower consistently prove to be the overlords of irreverence, Old Spice completely nail the tone and demographic… and there’s another subsector quickly becoming powerhouses on social media – fast food restaurants. And one brand absolutely owning this is Wendy’s. From...

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Agency Aces Part One – How Gaming Grew Up


How did gaming advertisers widen their audience appeal through evolving storytelling? In this blog series, we dig into the world of marketing and discuss brands, news, trends and examples that have made digital headlines. In this two-part Agency Aces, Kyle looks at how creative storytelling influenced advertising, shifted attitudes, and appealed to increasingly wider audiences in the gaming industry.   Tetris, Pac-Man, Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog… these games are embedded into many a childhood memory. For many, none more so than a side-scroller that involved a portly plumber eating mushrooms, saving kidnapped princesses and smashing turtles in the process – the one and only Super Mario. These days, whilst you can still get up to similarly questionable actions...

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