Introducing CORE: the new Pulsar product for owned channel analytics

Up until now, owned channel analytics tools have had a big blind spot.

They’ll tell you all about how people are interacting with your branded content and how that compares against competitors. Which is great.

But they act like that’s the only thing that matters about your brand in social.

It’s not.

Tracking your Owned Media activity is only one part of understanding the journey of your brand in social. If you want to get the full picture you need to analyse Owned Media in conjunction with Earned and Paid Media.

And that’s why we’re launching Pulsar CORE.

Pulsar CORE social media owned channels analytics audience visualisation

View your audience reach over time – and your competitors’

Who’s Pulsar CORE for?

We developed Pulsar TRAC in 2013 so brands would have a smarter, more powerful way to listen. Today we’re launching Pulsar CORE to complete our brand measurement offer.

CORE is for social media marketers, brand managers, content marketers and social analysts who need to make sense of the accounts they’re managing in social media.

Whether you’re at an agency or in-house at a brand, you can use CORE to:

  • Monitor all your owned channels in one place: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn
  • Get an integrated brand-level view of engagement & reach across all your social channels
  • Benchmark against competitors and your category
  • See every post you’ve published and the engagement, visibility and reach it’s achieved
  • Measure your audience reach and growth
Pulsar Core owned channels analytics

Track all your social channels – and your competitors’ channels too

A holistic view of your brand in social media

Pulsar CORE measures the reach, awareness and engagement you’re generating through your own social channels and combines it with the activity  your brand is generating elsewhere in social media to give you the big picture.

CORE evaluates both owned and earned media using comparable metrics and boils them down to one simple Social Brand Score for understanding your brand performance online and against your competitors.

Pulsar CORE brandsets

Build ‘brandsets’ to provide benchmarks for your catetgory and industry

A better way to keep your channels in check

We didn’t stop at bringing together owned, earned and paid media. We studied how brands and organisations have been using the pletora of existing owned channel analytics products and discovered that there were a few more things we could improve.


Focus on Audience + Content
Most existing tools provide way too much information with no clear sense of direction. We focussed on the two things that matter the most in social: your Audience and your Content. And we guide you though exploring them in a way that helps you generate insights.


Provide a Visual Analytics Experience
Most tools show you a collection of numbers and line charts. But who said that owned channel analytics shouldn’t be a visual experience that helps you connect the dots and generate insights?


Enable Granular Comparisons
We know as a brand manager you need to be able to run various types of comparisons to understand performances better. Which media is working best? Which channel is driving the brand? Which channels works best within the industry? That’s why we built granular comparative tools to give you the freedom to test as many hypothesis as you can come up with in a simple, clear workflow.


Provide Brand-Level Metrics
Profile analytics are great, but sometimes you need to see the bigger picture and understand how your channels together are having an impact on your brand as a whole. Brand level metrics help you do this without having to download and patch together a square mile of spreadsheets.


Provide Industry-Level Metrics
And you should be able to go beyond your brand and get a view of the industry you’re in. That’s why we created Brandsets: a collection of brands within an industry to help you see your efforts in context and against category benchmarks.


Content Analysis is Key
Each brand has its own social and content strategy and very specific ways of measuring it. It is essential to provide the tools to run custom content analysis based on the taxonomies the brands creates. This enables you to move beyond likes and retweets and understand what type of content makes your audience tick – plus keep an eye on your competitors to identify best practices in content marketing.


Offer Micro and Macro readings
Social media measurement requires moving seamlessly between a bird’s eye view  and micro details. We wanted to design a tool that would let you appreciate the qualitative granularity of a single post and the quantitative pattern of a thousand of them at the same time.


Pulsar CORE content visualisation

CORE’s owned content visualisations show you the posts getting the most reactions, visibility, reach and engagement

See it for yourself

Sounds like something you need? Learn more on our website here.

Then get a demo by giving us a call  on +44 (0)207 874 6577 or emailing [email protected]

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