Pulsar Research Director Deanna Tserkezie wins place on SIL Insider 50 list

Pulsar Research Director Deanna Tserkezie wins place on SIL Insider 50 list

10th April 2024

Deanna Tserkezie, Pulsar Research Director (Research Innovation) has been listed as a winner on the 2024 The Social Intelligence Lab Insider 50 List as an Insightful Innovator. 

Here at Pulsar, we have long been proud of Deanna’s incredible expertise and we’re so happy to see her celebrated by the Social Intelligence Lab. Having worked at Pulsar for six years working with leading clients in the gaming and energy sectors, social media clients such as X and Reddit, entertainment clients such as ITV and NBC and higher education institutions such as King’s College London and UCL. 

Within Pulsar, Deanna launched the Innovation Challenge, a peer-to-peer program which reinforces cross-collaboration and data integrity and literacy through ongoing training, feedback and sharing sessions.

The SI Insider 50 awards those who are shaping the future of audience intelligence and social intelligence, awarding internationally across five categories. Deanna’s category, Insightful Innovator, focuses on those who spark change for their organizations, clients and the industry who are ‘passionately pushing the boundaries of innovation, nurturing growth, and pioneering the field of social intelligence.’

In conversation with the SI, Deanna says of her research that “in addressing unique challenges, my expertise lies in the creation of innovative approaches - this is where the Research Innovation specialism of my role comes in.” Her recognition as an Insightful Innovator stems from her innovative practices including “pushing the capabilities of the data and tools we use or finding new approaches to extract insight,” including leveraging Python scripts, shaping custom product enhancements, and the development and deployment of custom machine-learning models on social data trackers.

Through her breadth of work, Deanna highlights her work with X as a proudest moment, utilizing X’s ad exposure data in conjunction with Pulsar to demonstrate “the measurable impact paid ads have on conversation spread and audience growth, supporting advertisers in optimizing paid media strategies.” This is where Deanna cut her teeth in using Python with audience networks leading to innovative developments: “It was immensely rewarding to witness the project evolve into a well-oiled machine, consistently delivering exceptional results that regularly received stellar feedback from recurring advertisers.”

Deanna continually demonstrates that “everything starts and ends with your audience. Syncing your marketing and communications with your audience's behaviors, perceptions, and language gives you the best chances of success.”

On the future of audience intelligence, Deanna says that despite shifting consumer behavior and platform regulation, “the underlying behavior to connect with others online to share knowledge and creative passions remains constant,” meaning that researchers will be able to “prioritize the audience’s needs and craft strategies that foster trust and resonate authentically. This central focus enables us to navigate the evolving social landscape effectively and deliver impactful experiences to our stakeholders.”



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