Visual Social Media Lab’s Aylan Kurdi study featured on Dutch TV

The study we did with the Visual Social Media Lab on how the image of Aylan Kurdi gained global traction has been featured in an interview on Dutch TV. The broadcaster Argos TV, comparable to the UK’s Channel 4, ran a short documentary, ‘A Sea of Images’, exploring how the story of Aylan Kurdi spread around the world and changed public opinion on the refugee crisis.

Pulsar on Dutch TV image

Visual Social Media Lab‘s Farida Vis was interviewed for the special where she used Pulsar’s data visualisations to explain how the image spread.

The show was aired last month and was received very well. There is only a Dutch version available currently. We are expecting to receive a version of the tape which includes English subtitles, but for now, you can view the entire program here.

If you want to explore the study ‘The iconic image on social media: a rapid research response to the death of Aylan Kurdi’ in full, then click here.

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Ed Hawes