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3 Ways Global Brands Embraced Politics to Engage Audiences

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How are global brands using politics in their branding? For this retail industry report, we’ve analyzed three major fashion brands and the way they’ve tried to use the surge in political awareness to connect with their audiences. This report covers: The relevance of brand authenticity, and the difference between ‘showing’ and ‘telling’ a brand’s involvement with politics How scandals can destroy even the most active of political brands The role advertising plays, and how sensitive the balance is between good and bad narratives Insights around audiences and how brands can best approach developing campaigns using politics There’s a growing trend of brands using political messaging in their advertising. An industry where this is much used is fashion. But it’s a fine line between PR disaster and connecting with your audience on an emotional level. In this report, Pulsar’s researcher Anna Rudkevych explores three major fashion brands – American Apparel, H&M and Nike – and how they’ve fared with their political brand messaging.

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