How Colart use Pulsar to support a social insight-driven content strategy


International art supplies brand Colart are building an insights function, and Pulsar is playing an integral role within this business-wide transformation. 

As the insights team guide the wider business increasingly towards data-supported decision-making, the capacity of Pulsar to visualize audience interest, behavior and intentionality has aided Colart in constructing a social insight-driven content strategy. 


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We spoke to Melissa Nassimiha, Insight Manager at Colart, about the process of developing a brand with traditional roots into a data-astute digital presence.


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In this case study, we’ll explore how Colart use Pulsar to: 

  • Benchmark their performance against that of competitors across their family of brands  
  • Derive creative ideas by identifying common factors across high-performing content
  • Make insights easily available and actionable to teams throughout the business 

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