Introducing Pulsar 3.0

Introducing Pulsar 3.0

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10th May 2023


Pulsar 3.0 is here: it's a whole new product, and we can't wait for you to try it.

The culmination of years of customer insight and product innovations, Pulsar 3.0 brings to market a single, powerful logic for marketers, researchers and comms professionals to get the most exhaustive coverage of public conversations, understand the audiences behind them, and intuitively surface the most relevant insights. In two words: audience intelligence.


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Why 3.0,  you ask?

Because there have been 2 major versions of the platform so far. Pulsar 1.0, released in 2012, was focused on "Visibility" to let you understand what content was really having an impact online; Pulsar 2.0, released in 2017, was focused on "Audiences" to give you the context of any public conversation. Now Pulsar 3.0 is aiming to become the hub for anything audience: learn, discover, get inspired, measure but also predict, connect, communicate, and advertise.

The ambition is a much bigger one than just social listening or media monitoring alone, so we reshaped our proposition and our ambition to reflect 4 revolutions:

  1. Universal Scope: Pulsar now collects and understands more and more signals from any type of audience, in any possible format. That includes social platforms –ranging from Instagram to Reddit and Twitch– to blog review and forum sites, Google search data, First-Party data and a wide array of media channels, from print and online news, to TV, radio and podcasts.

  2. Extreme Relevance: the right insight with the deepest context. This means countless options for granular filtering, to credibility ratings of outlets with NewsGuard, entity and topic detection, and more. Plus, upcoming Narrative AI and anomaly detection.

  3. Verticalized Experience: a platform adapting to your needs, by industry and use case. Vertical AI models account for the different contexts and goals in different industries, while the new PR & Marketing View Modes, and a host of new use-case-specific metrics and analytics, all combine into a tool that responds to your needs.

  4. Immersive Awareness: A platform that continues to support you even when you're away from your screen – from Daily Briefings to Coverage Reports, to a new upcoming Mobile App & Live Alerts, awareness comes to you.

The beta release of Pulsar 3.0 is already available to Pulsar customers. And they seem to be enjoying it.

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You can find a full list of all the new innovations and functionalities included in this new release, but this is just the first of many releases in which we will continue to build out the vision of Pulsar 3.0.


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