9 innovations we built into Pulsar in 2023

9 innovations we built into Pulsar in 2023

18th December 2023

As the clock ticks down on 2023, we wanted to indulge in one of our favorite end-of-year festive traditions: a look back at some of the innovations we’ve added to Pulsar over the course of this year.

And do we have a year to look back on. Let’s dive right in. ⤵️


1. Pulsar 3.0

We start with the big, overarching one. This year we launched a whole new Audience Intelligence experience with Pulsar 3.0, that projects our platform way beyond just traditional social listening or media monitoring.

Pulsar 1.0, released in 2012, focused on ‘visibility’ and understanding what content was really having an impact online. Pulsar 2.0, released in 2017, focused on detecting and understanding online communities. Pulsar 3.0 aims to become the hub for anything audience, allowing you to learn, discover, get inspired, measure but also predict, connect, communicate, and advertise.

Pulsar 3.0 is shaped around 4 Key Revolutions (Universal Scope, Extreme Relevance, Verticalized experience, and Immersive awareness) — supporting all of Pulsar's current and future evolutions.  

Learn all about Pulsar 3.0 here


2. Narrative Detection with AI Summarization

Narratives are everywhere, and they’re the key to unlocking effective brand strategy and storytelling, improving proactive media efforts, helping foresee potential risks to your reputation, and planning effective crisis management responses.

Identifying the key narratives (along with a handy AI summary, which evolves as the narrative does) enables you to understand the driving force behind each, along with how it incorporates different trends, topics and audiences.

As a result, you can spot opportunities for greater relevance and engagement with your audience within your content and brand strategy.

Learn more about the power of narratives in our full blog post


3. The Pulsar mobile app

You don't have the time to stay glued to your desk all the time. We know it, and also know how important it is to never miss a beat. The Pulsar Mobile app lets you keep your finger on the pulse of your datasets, searches, and relevant conversations - anytime, anywhere. 

Built around the needs of busy media professionals, the Pulsar iOS app means you can stay informed with push notifications, apply filters to quickly surface and save your content, create shortlists to build reports and track your media on the go.

Read more about the Pulsar app here.


4. A sleek, intuitive new design

TRAC, sleek design


Pulsar 3.0 saw a complete overhaul of Pulsar’s design. Introducing a new navigation and layout, a new design and color palette, and new, gorgeous visualisations. 

The result is a platform that’s immersive, delightfully intuitive and responsive. Pulsar is (and will continue to be) a platform that makes it super easy to get to relevant insights within a great user experience.


5. Different views for different use cases

Pulsar 3.0’s verticalized experience revolution means creating a platform that adapts to different contexts, goals, and use cases.

There are now three dedicated view modes available in Pulsar: Marketing, PR & Comms and General Listening. Each view mode contains a host of new use-case-specific metrics and analytics on your audiences and conversations — to give you what you need, at a glance.


6. Snapshots

Whichever use case view you’re on, you’ll have access to Snapshots: a single view of the most important metrics so you can quickly, easily, and accurately gain insights into the conversations you’re analyzing.

From your Snapshot, you can understand the scale, source, and evolution of the conversation. Identify the topics, content, and audience contributing to, and driving the conversation forward, and go deeper to understand the structure of your dataset with emotion, sentiment, and credibility analysis. 

And importantly, your Snapshot can be turned into a report in seconds so you can share these important insights with other stakeholders, or set a schedule to have your snapshot delivered to your inbox when you need it to be.


7. Even more data sources: global online, broadcast, and print news, and Discord

Pulsar 3.0’s Universal Scope revolution is all about collecting and understanding more and more signals from any audience, meaning you can analyze an even wider spectrum of perspectives and dimension of any conversation, facilitating deeper insights into today’s dynamic media landscape.

This year we focused on global data sources, greatly expanding broadcast and online news coverage across Asia-Pacific, including over 3700 sites and over 400 broadcast stations in Australia and New Zealand, and over 8600 sites and almost 100 broadcast channels in South East Asia.  

But it’s not just news. We’ve also added Dark Web data* for a broader view of an often misunderstood part of the Internet, and Discord data to analyze your owned brand or fan community on a platform that's increasingly becoming the home of choice for building owned communities. 

Even more data sources? They're coming right up – we're working on integrating Telegram and Threads to ensure you can access the broadest range of sources and conversations possible. 

Learn more about Discord here

* Dark Web data is only available for select users, if you’d like to access to this data source, please contact your account manager.


8. Advanced Reporting: Coverage & Insights  

Pulsar’s reporting capabilities have evolved to ensure we can support the reporting requirements that come with the sophisticated and in-depth analysis of your dataset available in the platform. 

This includes custom reports, curated dashboards, report templates, custom charts that can be tailored to exactly what you need to see. We’ve also added Coverage Reports, a new report type allowing you to curate and showcase media coverage and visualize media impact through Pulsar’s proprietary Visibility algorithm, as well as Shortlists, a simple (and collaborative) way to curate media coverage into folder-like groups to review and manage media coverage before turning it into a report. 

Check out more details about Coverage Reports & Shortlists in this blog.


9. Instant Alerts

With the rate at which a conversations can develop or a crisis can emerge, staying on top of mentions has never been more important. The timely delivery of updates, notifications and alerts for relevant media coverage enables a faster response, helps to mitigate risk, and supports more effective crisis management. 

Instant media alerts are available across your Pulsar devices, allowing you to control exactly what you’re alerted to across mentions of specific keywords, sources, and authors so that you can remain connected, informed, and ready to action.


2024: even more innovation 

There's much more coming up soon. Here’s a sneak peek at just two parts of the platform we're putting the finishing touches on. 

SEARCH: a whole new tool to power your news experience on Pulsar.  Search across global news sources and locations with hi-fidelity search results, having 100% of matching media items displayed in your results, to gauge relevant content volumes, and gain instant insights without needing to setup and run extensive searches. Add search results directly to one of your searches for deeper analysis, or straight to a shortlist to be included in a coverage report you’re building.

CONTACTS: a comprehensive database of global media contacts and media outlets, with key distribution tools so you can identify and engage journalists across the world. Get access to a global contact search to surface relevant media contacts across the world, create and distribute press releases directly from the platform to streamline your outreach efforts, and organize your contacts into lists and groups, to easily manage specific audiences you’re looking to engage.


Well, that’s the wrap for 2023. We’ll see you and a lot more exciting product updates next year. 👋

If you’re an existing Pulsar customer and have any questions about these features, please get in touch with your account team. If you're not yet a Pulsar customer and would like to hear more about how Pulsar - the most comprehensive Audience Intelligence platform - can help you achieve your business goals fill out the form below