Introducing Coverage Reports on Pulsar

Introducing Coverage Reports on Pulsar

26th October 2023

Few things are more important for Communication professionals than being able to show the impact of their work.

That’s why we’ve introduced Coverage Reports on Pulsar: to help you effortlessly capture media coverage in professionally designed, customizable reports.

But what makes a great Coverage Report? It must be comprehensive, collaborative, customizable. And most importantly, showcase impact. Whether it’s the impact you’ve driven or external factors impacting your organisation, showing impact helps stakeholders fully understand the coverage you share with them. 

Pulsar helps you connect the dots between media coverage and audience impact and get a more accurate (and consistent) assessment of impact across all media types using our proprietary Visibility algorithm, which combines engagements, reach and shares to measure the true impact of a piece of content.

Complementing our existing (and also fully customizable) visualization-led Insights Reports, our new Coverage Reports feature is packed full of ways to create great reports and continue to enhance your ability to immerse yourself and your stakeholders in the information that matters most.

Coverage reports include: 

  • A simplified curation workflow to have full confidence you’ve selected the most important media before sharing and showcasing that coverage in a report. Organize your chosen coverage into folder-like groups and use a dedicated space to view, manage, and edit your media shortlists and ensure you’ve curated the content you need.
  • Adjustable customisation options to build clean, on-brand, and visually stunning reports. Make sure your reports are an extension of your identity through custom images, color schemes, cover pages or customisable text blocks.
  • Versatile layout options with multiple ways to order and display your media items. Choose from Expanded, Magazine or Table views options, whether promoting the most important or successful media coverage, showing where you’ve had the greatest impact, or ordering your media coverage according to what’s most relevant to your audience.
  • A seamless blend of words, metrics, and media items with different building blocks and report elements. Move beyond simple media item lists to educate your stakeholders with the context, commentary, and intelligence they're looking for.
  • Flexible sharing, exporting, and email options, including instant or scheduled sending, so you can make sure your reports are delivered exactly when you need them to be.
  • A collaborative report-building workflow so team members can work together to curate the right media coverage, collaborating on report design and content selection to build the most effective reports possible. 

And we’re building even more features to improve your Coverage Reports and how you build them, including AI Summarisation, Syndication Roll Up, Report Templates, new chart block types and new ways to build and share your report.

Coverage Reports (together with Shortlists) are now available in Pulsar. 

If you’re a Pulsar customer, contact your account team to make the most of this exciting new functionality – if you’re considering Pulsar to support your PR & Comms campaigns, just fill out the form below, and one of our Comms specialists will be in touch.