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Find the best fit from our suite of audience intelligence and social listening solutions

Audience Insights
Get a granular understanding of your audience

Drill down into your customer demographics with audience analytics, and get a granular understanding of your key audience segments and what drives them. 

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Social Listening
Identify the top communities in your audience

Tap into dozens of data sources – from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest, TikTok, Amazon all the way to premium sources like doctors’ social network Sermo.

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Trend Analysis
Real-time trend analysis across topics & categories

Never miss a trend again: surface and analyze the trends in consumer behavior, and topics people are talking about – in any given category.

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Brand Reputation
The Next Generation of Reputation Intelligence

Monitor and manage your brand health and online reputation with the same precision and structure of survey data, in real-time with Pulsar’s brand reputation management solution.

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Campaign Analysis
Measure campaign effectiveness, by audience

Different audiences react to your campaigns differently: visualize how each of your key messages and activations is performing with each community by volume, sentiment, channel, activation, and more.

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