Transactions & Reactions: The Online Credit Card Conversation


Credit cards enable all sorts of financial transaction across the globe. Strips of plastic bearing the names Visa, Mastercard and American Express nestle within purses, pockets and wallets until they emerge to set into action another chain of moving capital.

Traditionally these brands have had a place in the public discourse, it was through their associations with prestige events, and with awards systems such as airmiles. In light of seismic change within both technology and the financial sphere, however, the ways in which we talk about credit cards are changing.

Credit Card SOV

Using over half a million data points, drawn from Twitter, Forums, Blogs, Review sites and search data, we take a closer look at the online spaces that host customer complaints, excitement in new blockchain technology, and a nascent generation of users and consumers with very different priorities and associations. 

Credit Card Affiliations

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  • The different associations that attach to each brand
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  • How spending behaviors and customer incentives intersect with these different audiences and online communities

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