Thawing out the social & audience data behind an iconic ‘white good’: the fridge


The household fridge is the closest most homes get to Narnia — a doorway to an unseasonably cold domain, albeit with considerably less faun. It can also act as a symbol of wealth, an aesthetic keystone in designer kitchens, an integrated part of smart IoT systems, and, of course, as a repository for all kinds of perishable items. 

So what does the world think and say about this sometimes overlooked ‘white good’? 

Fridge Door Mentions

We analyzed almost 1.2 million English-language posts posted across the USA, UK, Australia and South-East Asia region, on platforms including Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, YouTube, Amazon, Blogs, Forums and online news.

Types of food found within the fridgeThis data allowed us to explore a number of different questions, including:  

  • What people are storing in their own fridges, from groceries to cosmetics 
  • The associations that attach to brands, including Smeg and Uber Eats 
  • From french doors to wi-fi connectivity, the most discussed features
  • The reoccurrence of humor… especially in the UK

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