On-demand webinar: using social data for insightful content creation

5th April 2018

We recently ran a webinar taking you through how to use social data for insightful content creation. Researching how to create successful content that resonates with the audience you want to speak to can seem like an endless task, but using some of the techniques detailed – and a tasty gin-based case study – we showed how you can use data-driven insights to direct your content strategy.

Content creators are often tasked with coming up with hundreds of pieces of content with limited resources, so being able to create content that will be a hit with the audience you are looking to target is a necessity. We walk you through a strategy to dive into your insights before starting creating, so you can really know what content will work – without taking hours of your time. Finding the moments, themes and imagery that resonate, by using audience intelligence technology will help you hit the ground running. 

If you missed the webinar, the video is available to watch below – a few key takeaways on insightful content creation included:

    • Identify moments people are already engaging in with the topic you’re looking to create content around. Learn what the popular themes, accounts and influencers are so that you can be inspired by the most successful content
    • Focus on a specific insight and immerse yourself in the details and themes around it to inspire your content. Content isn’t successful if it’s trying to appeal to several groups at once, or embrace several themes. Zooming in on specific insights helps you to focus your content strategy and tailor your output to appeal to your target audience
    • Discover how to use machine learning to identify the most successful imagery to accompany your content. Artificial intelligence is improving every day, and technology like Pulsar helps you to select the best algorithms to break down huge data-sets and understand the content of hundreds of images at a glance