Webinar: How to unlock insights from Pinterest and TikTok data


Pinterest and TikTok are two of the most dynamic social networks out there: being able to analyze data from these growing, highly visual platforms allows researchers, marketers and comms professionals to unlock deep insights about online topics, audiences, behaviors or product categories that might not be as easy to observe on other social apps. 

In our webinar ‘Unlocking insights from Pinterest & TikTok Data’, our product and customer success team takes you through how to get the most of each of these data sources in order to unearth insights. 

To illustrate this process, our team analyzed the datasets behind the following studies:  


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  • how to structure searches for each platform to get the most out of the data collection
  • how to approach and analyze native user behaviors for each of those platforms
  • how to pair data sources with Pulsar’s industry-specific visual AIs to surface bottom-up insights from the dataset

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