How Fulham FC use Pulsar to reveal insights in fanbase composition & behavior


Modern sports teams possess some of the most passionate and active fanbases around – highly dynamic audiences that are constantly evolving their relationship based on pitch-side moments, transfers and a myriad of factors away from the field. 

So how does the insights function at a Premier League team understand the nuances of an ever-changing audience? How does it learn what’s driving fan behavior, and map the impact of sponsorship and commercial activities? 


Quote from Fulham Head of Insights


We spoke to Tim Griffith, Head of Strategy & Insights at Fulham FC, about how Pulsar TRAC informs the team’s understanding of its fans.

Fulham data preview

In this case study, you’ll discover how Fulham use Pulsar to: 

  • Understand the distinct communities who make up their global fandom 
  • Track how specific players & topics drive discussion
  • Measure the impact of commercial campaigns, including the annual kit release 

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