Pulsar TRAC

The most advanced social listening and insight tool on the market, combining keyword and content tracking with audience segmentation

All your digital signals in one place

Pulsar TRAC is the only social listening tool bringing together all the signals from your online audience: social, search, media, and web analytics

Global coverage

TRAC understands 185 languages, analyzes topics in 22 languages and tracks sentiment in 26 languages, including Japanese, Arabic and Mandarin (traditional & simplified)

Image analysis

Going beyond basic logo recognition, Pulsar uses deep learning to understand the content and context of any image, from subject matter to color

Audience segmentation

Map the communities in your audience and create data-driven personas using behavioral and affinities data

Vertical AI on demand

Pulsar is the only social listening tool allowing you to leverage AI-powered algorithms to recognize & analyze data from a specific industry, like fashion or food

Visual insights

With over 100 real-time interactive data visualizations, Pulsar allows you to mine your complex social media, search and web data at a glance

More features

Advanced filtering

Get straight to insight with more than 50 filters, allowing you to slice and dice your data by demographics, behaviors, audience segments and affinities

Network analysis

Pulsar’s proprietary network analysis algorithms help you identify the types of conversation, visual creative and audiences behind any topic

Social panels

Context is everything. Listen to custom audience segments like tech journalists, doctors, millennials, or basketball fans using Communities, Pulsar’s bleeding-edge audience segmentation solution

Content tracking

Track any digital content (video, advert, website), see how it is shared and who is sharing it. Understand what drives its viral appeal to create more relevant and engaging content strategies

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See it in action

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