How Anomaly used data to validate a significant shift in creative direction for their Converse SS17 campaign

1st July 2016

By utilizing Pulsar, Anomaly gained insights from two billion people for their client Converse and used data to validate a major shift in creative direction for the SS17 campaign.

Anomaly piloted Pulsar for their work for Converse, creating a creative strategy for the season/summer campaign. They wanted to gain a deeper understanding of their EMEA audiences, how they engage with fashion and most importantly to provide validation into the change of direction Converse were taking for the region in SS17. This was one of the research methods they used and it complimented a larger global research program.

They set up a number of studies on Pulsar focusing on a range of specific styles and looks (e.g. gender-neutral, athleisure, boho chic etc.), on how people engaged with fashion and style inspiration, and on specific sneaker conversations. These were set up across the UK, DE, FR and NL with a focus on their target audience of 18-24 year olds. The main hypothesis was that new styles such as athleisure and gender neutral would be most popular and talked about amongst the target demographic.

They saw:
• Proportional prominence of athleisure and gender neutral styles amongst target audience compared to the style distribution in older demographics, confirming the over-arching direction hypothesis.
• People use social media as a first port of call for inspiration and therefore interactions rather than necessarily content creation.
• That the majority of online social behaviour for this was engagement with content rather than creating a lot of their own content.
• Content creation was done by people who wanted to draw attention to their choice of styles and validations of that.
• Sneaker brands that are embedded into culture tend to do better when it comes to generating buzz.

Download the full report to find out how Anomaly used these insights to impact their campaign and improve their creative direction for the spring/summer campaign