Dupe, Dope, Doop: Consumer trends around the ‘dupe’ phenomenon

Dupe, Dope, Doop: Consumer trends around the ‘dupe’ phenomenon

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10th October 2023

Dupes, once synonymous with cut-price knockoffs, have become increasingly important to brands and audiences alike.

Gen-Z communities, in particular, have embraced the conversation around dupes, driven by both increasing financial pressures and the sense of being a knowing insider to an anarchic viral trend with its own language and humor.

We analyzed over 850k conversational data points between April – Oct 2023, across X, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, News, Tumblr, YouTube,  Google Search and more, to better understand how this trend has found its expression across platforms – and begun to significantly impact both perceptions and behavior.

In this mini report, we’ll cover:

  • The shifting meanings and associations of the “dupe” trend
  • The audiences – and motivators – behind this conversation
  • How dupes have a material impact on the way people shop

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