Untangling the AirPods conversation: audiences, behaviors & cultural trends behind the hearables revolution


Since their launch in 2016, AirPods have become a staple of consumer culture. They’re Apple’s biggest product hit in a decade, a category-defining product that doesn’t just dominate the hearables market, but also the online conversation, with over 90% share of voice in the category.

This insights report leverages social, news, search and audience data to help you understand how consumers talk, think and act. For a large section of the population, AirPods have become synonymous with hearing technology, and are an integral part of the conversation around how we work, commute, study, work out, prepare and consume meals, even dance. 

Using Pulsar to explore social, news, search and audience data, we dig deeper into the behaviours, trends and communities who make up the AirPods trend & conversation.

This insights report follows the same structure as our most recent category report into alternative milks, leveraging social, news, search and audience data to help you understand how consumers talk, think and act.

It also uncovers the key Customer Experience (CX) issues and ‘pain points’ for AirPod owners, highlighting how this CX data could power loss aversion campaign messaging.

Download it now to learn: 

  • the most common AirPod-enabled behaviors 
  • the audiences behind the AirPod trend & conversation
  • the top music artists in this conversation 
  • the wildly popular TikTok AirPod meme you’ve never heard about
  • the most common AirPod accidents
  • & much more

Understanding how different audiences talk about brands, topics, people and issues over time can bring powerful and unique insights to your marketing research, planning, creative and messaging. Complete the form below to see Airpods’ place in culture and everyday usage quantified using audience intelligence.


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