Five steps to optimizing the lifespan of a story: Advanced audience intelligence for the media industry

2nd February 2018

Your digital audiences evolve over time as stories ebb and flow, public interest shifts, and culture pushes forward, challenging marketing and distribution to adapt in new ways. You need a dynamic insight solution for a responsive strategy.

Make data-driven decisions during the digital news cycle

Social data research is uniquely able to deliver continuous insight throughout the lifespan of a story, campaign or cultural moment. Most “influencer” analysis is one-dimensional, based purely on reach – but there are much smarter ways to assess how different voices influence the way buzz spreads around top stories. We’ve developed an insight framework to support data-driven decisions throughout the digital news cycle.

Case Study: BBC


The BBC approached Pulsar with the challenge of tracking conversations playing out across social media as audiences engage with news across five category verticals – politics, business, migration, security and environment. They were interested in understanding how engagement with topics within these areas varies globally and how different audiences stories and tonality appeals.


Keyword search design tracking audience conversation in both the US and India using Pulsar TRAC and qualitatively we applied an analytical framework to understand cultural, topical and editorial tonality.


The outcome was an understanding of the value the BBC’s audiences place on key news topics and how their expectations and priorities evolve over time in the face of new story developments. The BBC identified the language and the themes that resonate with their audience and where to prioritize editorial content published on their platforms.


Click the image to download the PDF and discover our five steps to optimizing the lifespan of a news story in our media one-pager below: 

Audience Intelligence for media