5. 5 examples of effective social listening in action

8th January 2024


Imagine having real-time insights into what customers think of your brand. With Pulsar TRAC, an advanced audience intelligence platform, it's not just possible – it's a reality.

Social listening is about keeping an ear to the digital ground, capturing conversations that truly grasp what customers think and feel. For businesses, these insights pave the way for informed strategies. Whether you aim to identify pain points, recognize emerging trends to fine-tune your brand narrative, or forge stronger bonds with your audience by grasping their affinities, characteristics, and sentiments - social listening is at the center.

A survey by Social Media Today reveals the growing interest in social listening: 61% of businesses already harness it, and 82% of marketers consider it a crucial strategic element.

Audience intelligence is the next evolutionary step from traditional social listening. It goes beyond merely gauging what customers convey about your brand. By dissecting online behaviors, affinities, sentiments, and demographics - Pulsar TRAC offers a rich, layered understanding of audiences in relation to their online discussions.

If social listening isn't in your playbook yet, it's time to rethink. Whether you're a beginner or looking to revamp your existing approach, let's dive into how Pulsar TRAC can ignite your strategy with these powerful social listening examples.



Social listening example 1: Painting the world (salmon) pink: how culture impacts attitudes towards food

Let's look at our recent study on salmon consumers for a compelling social listening example. At a glance, we see a diverse audience talking about salmon as a foodstuff online. Yet, with the precision of tools like Pulsar, it becomes feasible to delve deeper, segmenting these audiences based on how frequently they discuss specific types of salmon, which can significantly influence marketing strategies.


Chart showing how different communities gravitate towards different types of salmon


For brands, understanding the nuances within the audience can be transformative. If you aim to engage with an audience that already uses and enjoys your product, these segmented insights offer a direct line of communication. Instead of casting a wide net, you can tailor your messaging to resonate with those who already exhibit a passion for specific salmon varieties.


Salmon audience


However, the magic of social listening doesn't stop with the obvious audience. The true potential unfolds when you identify untapped opportunities. For instance, by examining communities with traits similar to your primary audience, you might discover groups who share certain affinities, like a love for sports but haven't yet engaged with the salmon topic. Recognizing these parallel communities allows brands to approach them as fresh opportunities, crafting targeted campaigns to introduce them to the world of salmon and ultimately grow their audience.

Beyond connecting more deeply with existing customers, social listening allows you to uncover avenues to captivate new audience segments, further expanding your reach and influence.


Social listening example 2: Home Renovation Revelation: How audiences talk about crafting their dream homes

Exploring the expansive realm of home renovations through social listening showcases Pulsar's ability to manage even the noisiest conversations. A look into our  home renovation study reveals a vast discussion with participants approaching the topic from diverse angles.


Top projects in the home renovation conversation online


Within this vast conversation, many are immersed in the politics of home renovation, focusing on sustainable measures like heat pumps and cost-of-living concerns. Simultaneously, another segment actively promotes their home renovation services. Without the discerning eye of social listening, a brand might make the mistake of lumping all these users together. Targeting such a heterogeneous group with consumer-centric outreach, be it rugs or professional services, would not only dilute the message but also result in inefficient spending.


Home renovation audience


However, once you sift through this vast expanse, it becomes possible to make intriguing discoveries. For example, LGBTQ+ content creators have emerged as potent influencers steering the home renovation discourse. This insight, overlooked amidst the broader conversation, can significantly impact how brands market and position themselves. Had we not recognized this trend, and without the ability to sift through vast data with social listening, such valuable insights could have remained hidden.

In the world of home renovation, as with any other industry, it's imperative to discern the trends from the noise. Doing so conserves resources and unveils opportunities to engage with niche segments that genuinely resonate with your offerings.


Social listening example 3: How The Sidemen built a huge Gen-Z audience and turned them into customers

Let's dive into the fascinating world of The Sidemen, a beacon for Gen-Z engagement, as an example of robust social listening. While this UK YouTube group originated as a constellation of gamers, tools like Pulsar unearth a layered narrative of these influencers who are making waves well beyond their initial niche in gaming.

The Sidemen's success might seem like a result of sheer online entertainment. But, upon deeper exploration using social listening, we recognize a meticulous strategy: captivating the Gen Z audience and seamlessly turning them into loyal customers, translating online traction into tangible revenue streams.


Sidemen commercial pursuits


By analyzing conversations and behaviors around The Sidemen, brands can uncover the secret sauce to this successful formula. It's about more than just creating content; it's about resonating with an audience on a level that incites loyalty and engagement.

Such insights are gold for brands aiming to capture the elusive Gen Z market. Understanding the intricacies of what appeals to this demographic, from the style of content to the mediums of delivery, can shape a brand's strategy.


Who's talking about the Sidemen online? Sidemen audience


For businesses aiming to capture the Gen-Z audience, grasping the multiple facets of The Sidemen's audience is pivotal. Instead of a generalized strategy, brands can zero in on specific elements, like the Sidemen's engagement with football or their commercial ventures, and craft their messaging to strike a chord with those fans already exhibiting those interests. 

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, the lesson here is clear: True success lies not just in building an audience but in deeply understanding and effectively engaging with them - made possible with social listening.


Social listening example 4: What Did People Talk About on GivingTuesday 2022?

Let's consider the #GivingTuesday discourse as a testament to the power of social listening. On the surface, it's a global conversation about philanthropy. However, with tools like Pulsar, we can delve deeper into the intricacies of the discourse, segmenting audiences based on the specificity of their charitable causes and preferred calls to action.

Top calls to action for #GivingTuesday


For businesses or charities - in this instance, these intricate insights are game-changing. If a brand's objective is to resonate with a target audience who already aligns with a particular cause or sentiment, such segmented insights pave the way for precise communication. Instead of a generic outreach, brands can finesse their messaging to resonate profoundly with communities that align with specific causes or CTAs, like 'duty' for Children & Elderly or 'urgency' for Health & Healthcare.



But the marvel of social listening extends beyond this. Its allure lies in unveiling uncharted territories. Take, for example, US Sportsfans meshing their World Cup dialogues with GivingTuesday appeals. At first, these may seem like isolated silos, but for an astute marketer, it signals an untapped overlap. A brand could craft campaigns that harness this fusion, drawing sports enthusiasts into charitable conversations, thus broadening their reach.

Social listening allows businesses to resonate more deeply with their established clientele while revealing pathways to captivate new segments. This twofold approach augments a brand's reach and solidifies its influence in the digital domain.


Social listening example 5: Unzipping the gorpcore trend to understand the brands & communities driving it

Our latest exploration of urban fashion trends makes for a captivating social listening example: the rise of gorpcore. At first glance, urban centers are awash with individuals donning outdoor gear despite the absence of wilderness. However, when utilizing tools like Pulsar, it's possible to segregate these fashion enthusiasts based on their preference for specific outdoor brands or items, such as puffer jackets. Such precision in categorization dramatically shifts the strategies of fashion marketers and brands.

Fashion brands


If a brand aims to connect with those already enthusiastic about this rugged urban style, this segmentation provides a more focused means of communication. Instead of generic fashion promotions, these brands can now develop messages catering to those who resonate with the style. 


Gorpcore or outdoor clothing trend audience

But the true brilliance of social listening isn't just in identifying the most vocal advocates of gorpcore. It's in recognizing potential new enthusiasts. For instance, on probing communities with attributes akin to the primary gorpcore audience, brands might stumble upon segments deeply engaged in adventure sports or hiking but haven't yet transitioned their outdoor wear to urban settings. Identifying these subsets allows brands to position gorpcore as a new fashion frontier, crafting specific campaigns to usher them into this trend, broadening the brand's reach.

In this context, social listening helps brands foster a deeper connection with core customers while unveiling pathways to charm and captivate newer audience demographics, heightening a brand's influence in the ever-evolving fashion world.


Make social listening work for your business 

As outlined by the above examples, a social listening strategy can be hugely beneficial for your business. Whether your goal is to unearth fresh audience segments brimming with potential or to stay ahead by latching onto emerging trends, Pulsar TRAC amplifies your social listening endeavors. It integrates rich, nuanced audience data, granting you a comprehensive view of behaviors, sentiments, demographics, affinities, and beyond.

Use these examples to refine and optimize your social listening strategy, ensuring alignment with your brand's objectives and goals.