Tuning in to different audiences: how vintage TV soundtracks resonate online

Two recent HBO shows use music back catalogs to create different vibes, and drive buzz online


Call it the Golden Age of Television or call it peak TV, streaming and network series are amongst the greatest driving forces in modern culture. And aside from introducing audiences to ideas and aesthetics, the 2022 TV show also acts as a delivery system for other forms of media – particularly music. 

Nowhere is this more apparent than on HBO. The network has cultivated a reputation for iconic music, from the driving orchestras of Game of Thrones and Succession to the blues-infused title tracks of The Sopranos and The Wire

This year both Winning Time and Peacemaker utilize genres rooted in the eighties – West Coast Hip Hop and Classical Rock – to help create a particular vibe. Using Pulsar TRAC, however, we can trace the divergent way this has played out amongst audiences and fandoms. 

In this report we’ll examine:

  • How the conversation about the shows’ soundtracks evolves over time
  • The main audiences talking about these shows online
  • How the conversations spread

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