Trend Analysis


Culture keeps accelerating, and new consumer trends break out every day: leverage AI, social data and audience segmentation to power your trend analysis & research. 

Cover your blind spots and move on consumer trends early with Pulsar’s AI-driven trend analysis platform.

Detect, rank and predict each trend’s growth potential, and pick which ones to invest in for your marketing and product strategy. 

Lean on industry-specific and audience segmentation AI to comb through billions of conversations and research the trend’s key audiences.

Real-time trend analysis across topics & categories

Never miss a trend again: surface and analyze the trends in consumer behavior, and topics people are talking about – in any given category. 


Uncover trending categories
among billions of conversations happening online

Prioritize the right consumer & trend analysis, and identify & research new opportunities with real-time and historical behavioral data analysis. 

Back up your growth strategy with in-depth trends analysis

Research trend diffusion and adoption, spot the communities driving each consumer trend, and see whether they’re relevant to your brand audience.