Social Listening


Go beyond generic social listening: discover how each community in your audience talks about your topic differently. 

Pulsar is the only social listening tool on the market offering both social listening, monitoring, and audience segmentation in one tool: discover the main communities in your audience, and listen to them through industry and use-case specific AI. 

Tap into dozens of data sources – from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest, TikTok, Amazon all the way to premium sources like doctors’ social network Sermo.

Social Listening to Audience Intelligence

Different people talk about the same topic differently: identify the top communities in your audience and personalize your marketing with our social media listening tool.

Personalize your marketing

Align your campaign creative insights with your target audience’s language and behavior to personalize your marketing.

Get deeper social insights

Speed up your analysis with fast, granular audience and social media insights from text and visual data with our community-based social listening tool.

Monitor your social media with a
360° view

Avoid blind spots, with a 360° view of the online communities in your audience across channels, markets and data sources.