Continuous and one-off research programs

integrating quantitative and qualitative methodologies,

to turn audience data into strategic insight


Marketing effectiveness

Independent, objective marketing social media research and measurement quantifies your campaign performance and identifies opportunities to grow engagement, reach and ROI


Audience discovery

Who are you reaching, who do you want to reach, and how do you target them? Discover the key segments and personas in your audience with our real-time cluster analysis based on affinities, behaviors, and demographics


Creative development

Great campaigns are built on deep human truths. Dive into your customer’s world with our creative planning research helping you tap into the mindsets of your audience and craft the messages, imagery and experiences that click

Brand and product strategy

Every day, billions of people share their needs, habits, and experiences online. Our research analyses behavioural and emotional signals from the online audience to find opportunities to fine-tune your brand and product proposition – or develop something entirely new