Brand Reputation



Reputation intelligence helps you track & manage your brand reputation through social data, news, and industry-specific AI

Brand reputation ebbs and flows. Traditional reputation intelligence methods lack the flexibility needed to keep up with your audience and enable real-time brand reputation management.  

Go beyond generic sentiment analysis with custom AI: from brand-specific AI, to contextualize brand mentions and map them onto your existing quant frameworks; to our audience segmentation AI, to map out your audience & stakeholder groups; and our visibility & emotion AI, to monitor the impact, intensity and nuance of your company reputation.

The Next Generation of Reputation Intelligence

Monitor and manage your brand health and online reputation with the same precision and structure of survey data, in real-time with Pulsar’s brand reputation management solution.

Your Brand's Reputation, through an Audience lens

See how key audiences, stakeholders, and personas are affecting your brand reputation, tracking social & media brand mentions


Always-on Monitoring for Brand Reputation Management

Early warning system: detect signals of brand reputation shifts, months ahead of your survey-based brand tracker.