On-demand webinar: listening to prospective students for insights & admissions strategy

31st July 2019

How can universities understand what prospective students are talking about? And what techniques can admissions officers use to inform their engagement strategy? 


In this webinar, our higher education specialists Anna Rudkevych and Rob Hill deployed our social listening and audience segmentation tools to understand the prospective student conversation, with a particular emphasis on their desire to attend a school in particular geographic area.

We focused on California, and demonstrated:

  • how to zoom in on the prospective students audience with a geographic focus
  • how to pinpoint conversations about school intent, hopes, and preferences
    how to segment the audience to zoom in on the communities that interest you the most 
  • how to identify the topics, sentiments, trends, and online sources that make up that conversation
  • the strategies that can be developed around these insights 
  • and of course, how to use Pulsar’s social listening and audience insight tool, including our brand new social media insight feature – Communities.

Watch the webinar below.