The State of Coffee Audiences 2023

The State of Coffee Audiences 2023

  • Food & Drink

12th September 2023


Coffee. We wake up with it, rely on it to concentrate at work, and gather around it for moments of leisure. We also love talking about it.

As audience interest in coffee keeps growing, we analysed over 9.4M global posts made around coffee audiences between March – August 2023, to better understand how behaviors, perspectives and consumer decisions were formulated and shared across platforms including X, Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Online News and Google Search Data.

Pulsar - The State of Coffee Audiences 2023

In this 20-page and 30-chart report, you’ll discover:

  • How the coffee scene has shifted from commodity to culture
  • How consumer trends and our associations with coffee evolve over time
  • What motivations and behaviors make people talk about coffee
  • The main audiences participating in the coffee conversation
  • Industry highlights: what brands are most-talked and why


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