Planning marketing campaigns in a digital landscape marked by misinformation


Over the past 10 years, misinformation, conspiracy theories and culture wars have turned the digital landscape into murky territory: many topics have become battlegrounds, where basic facts are questioned, science-backed narratives fragment, polarization grows, and reputations are risked.

In this on-demand webinar, ethical creative agency Media Bounty present new research developed with Pulsar to map how misinformation spreads, with a focus on COVID and climate change.


Pulsar and Media Bounty Misinformation and Disonformation webinar


In this talk, you’ll be hearing from:

  • Harriet Kingaby, Insights Lead at Media Bounty 
  • Florencia Lujani, Strategy Director at Media Bounty 
  • Patrick Dalgleish, Strategic Account Director at Pulsar

Together, the panel share a playbook on spotting disinformation, devising effective comms in response, and ensuring brand safety.


Trends in the climate change conversation


Viewing this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What d/misinformation is and how it impacts organizations and brands online
  • The four dirty strategies affecting information ecosystems
  • How marketers, planners, strategists and comms professionals can plan and campaign safely in this environment
  • How to safeguard your brand, and avoid funding disinformation

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