Insights framework for a film lifespan: advanced audience intelligence for the film and entertainment industry

28th January 2018

In the entertainment business, your audiences evolve over time as streaming creates a new way of absorbing content. This makes it more challenging for marketing to adapt. You need a dynamic insight solution for responsive strategy. Social data research is uniquely able to deliver continuous insight throughout the lifespan of a film.

We apply social data to entertainment marketing challenges because it enables in-depth, always-on study of audiences, at scale.

Build a marketing model based on analysis of similar films

Social data has proven to be a valuable tool for predicting movie performance Budgets and spend are not necessarily predictors of success, but social buzz indicators often correlate to performance.

Why and how do certain films go viral? Smart metrics help us build models to forecast – and reflect on – a film’s mainstream impact.

The Pulsar team have done extensive research on content and topic virality online, establishing models for how things go viral. Films tend to map to these models very closely.

Audience intelligence can help the film & entertainment industry with:
  • Continuous insight throughout the lifespan of a film. 
  • A dynamic insights solution for a responsive marketing strategy. 
  • Deeper audience analysis to segment audiences and build personas. 
  • Looking at film sentiment in real-time for accurate opinions. 
  • Understanding what consumers think and feel without prompting potential bias.


Click the image to download the PDF and discover our six steps to gaming release strategy: