How The University of Oxford uses Pulsar to Improve the Impact of its Research


One of the oldest – and most recognisable – institutions in the world, the University of Oxford’s reputation is built on a millennium of academic excellence. 

But academic research is, by its a very nature, a field in continuous flux, as probing minds and institutions expand the boundaries of human knowledge, redrawing the landscape for both decision-makers and the populace at large. 

So how can the University of Oxford understand and measure the reception to its research, and use this to plan and target campaigns? 

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We spoke with Elizabeth McCarthy, Head of Campaigns & Digital Communications at the University of Oxford to explore how the university is using Pulsar TRAC and CORE to keep hold of its academic heavyweight title.

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In this report, we’ll cover how the University of Oxford use Pulsar to:

  • Understand the impact of the university’s research among key groups, including journalists & politicians

  • Help plan campaigns which will resonate with their key audiences

  • Build the university’s authority in fields of study of particular academic and policymaking interest 

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