Decoding the alternative milk conversation

  • Food and Drink

29th October 2020


Alternative milks have moved from fringe quirk to supermarket mainstay. But the conversation around these non-dairy alternatives is only growing in size and complexity, as different ingredients fall in and out of favour, become embedded in pop culture, or even find their legal status challenged. 

The biggest brands in the alternative milk conversation


It’s a discussion that plays out in the realm of consumer behavior, as we identify the reasons behind people choosing alt milks (hint: ethics feature less than you might think). But it also makes its way into politics and pop culture, with communities co-opting language for their own means. 

Soy latte culture warsWithin this category report, we explore: 

  • The brands who are front of mind in the wider alt milk conversation 
  • The different communities talking about oat, almond and soy milks online 
  • The spread of contentious news stories relating to alt milks, such as Oatly’s Blackstone backing and the EU’s ban on products being marketed using dairy-related terms 
Download our category report below to discover how the alternative milk conversation has played out across the english-speaking world.