Six steps to gaming release strategy: advanced audience intelligence for the gaming industry

30th January 2018

In the gaming business, your audiences evolve over time, challenging marketing and design to constantly adapt. You need a dynamic insight solution for responsive strategy. Social data research is uniquely able to deliver continuous insight throughout the lifespan of a game title or franchise.

We’ve developed an insight framework to support data-driven decisions before, during, and after the release of a gaming title.

Build a marketing model based on analysis of similar games

Smart metrics help build models to forecast – and reflect on – a game’s impact. The Pulsar team have done extensive research on content/topic virality online, establishing models for how things go viral. Games tend to map to these models very closely.

Production budgets and spend are not necessarily predictors of success, but social buzz indicators often do correlate to performance.

Tactics include: measuring gamer interest at key milestones compared to similar title performance YoY and quantifying lifts in purchase consideration conversation across segments and time periods, to understand why and how certain games go viral.

Audience intelligence can help with:

Analysis of social conversations: revealing the content and people that truly trigger engagement and influence perception.

Insights through data: allowing for real-time audience segmentation – in depth and at scale. How marketing dollars are working – or could work – to drive awareness and purchase intent through social data analysis.

Feedback from social communities: inform updates to marketing activities, game design, or new DLC/paid content.


Click the image to download the PDF and discover our six steps to gaming release strategy: