Feeding into your wider strategy: Advanced audience intelligence and insights for the education sector

  • Education

30th November 2017

Pulsar can help you navigate the complex interplay of needs ranging from recruitment to reputation management, which present a challenge for universities when considering digital strategy.

Managing the public face of a university is rapidly becoming one of the hardest balancing acts in digital. From senior management to diverse student communities, you’re speaking to and for tens of thousands of people. You need to listen and be heard – and speak with impact. Pulsar is the audience intelligence tool and consultancy that can help you do this.

Feeding into your wider strategy and steering it day-to-day

Pulsar can help drive recruitment through understanding student needs. You can understand the impact of your recruitment efforts, including Open Days and Clearing campaigns. Find out exactly what students locally and globally look for when choosing a university and how you can speak to them in a way that will truly resonate.


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strategy and steer it day-to-day