Your insight journey starts here. Access unlimited real-time and historical trends data. Pulsar TRENDS tells you which topics are heating up and cooling off, and gives you a global visualization of how trends spread. You can follow the course of specific conversations, or report back on how your content taps into the zeitgeist.

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Global and local trends at a glance

With TRENDS Real-Time get clear, instant visualizations of what’s trending on social media across the globe. Track trends that are heating up and cooling off, and zoom in to see how conversation spreads city to city.

Drill down into countries and cities and segment by verticals

With the global trends view users can drill down from continents to even the remotest cities. Pick up trends which are emerging around the world and follow their evolution as they spread from country to country. Stay ahead of the curve on emerging trends and topics.

Track the evolution of any topic, going back 12 years

With TRENDS Historic, search back in time in a way no other tool can. See a 12-month snapshot of a trend from any point in social media history. Research the life-cycle of trends and find out what captured the public’s imagination at any point in time to plan your creative, content and campaigns.

Unlimited queries, unlimited data, unlimited users

Anybody in your organisation can login to use TRENDS. TRENDS Real-Time shows a snapshot of what’s currently trending by category. Premium subscribers can go deeper by setting up bespoke and historical searches on TRENDS Historic.

More key features

Instant Visual Insights

No need to set up a complex query to get insights. You can now search social media like you search the web.

12 Years Historical Data

With TRENDS Historic, search back in time and see a 12-month snapshot of a trend from any point in social media history.

Trends Across Industries

Find trends in people’s attitudes worldwide, topic associations with their conversations, their behaviors, and engagement.

Share Your Insights

Share trends with your team or publicly with anyone. Demonstrate how a topic is trending and its correlations with other trends over a timeline.



starting from


  • Unlimited queries, unlimited data
  • Pricing for TRENDS is based on number of users across your organisation that would like to access the service. TRENDS’ subscription comes with unlimited queries so you’ll never have to worry about data limits.

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