Pulsar TRAC

Pulsar TRAC is the most advanced audience intelligence platform on the market, combining keyword, audience and content tracking. Pulsar TRAC allows you to access open and premium data sources to get the most complete view of an audience or an entire market.

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Data Visualization

With over 50 different real-time and interactive data visualizations, Pulsar allows you to mine complex data at a glance. Need something custom? You can do that too using Clusters, the most versatile custom charting solution in the social listening space.

Global Coverage

Pulsar understands 175 languages, and analyzes topics in 11 languages and sentiment in 9 languages, including Arabic.

Image Analysis

Going beyond basic logo recognition, Pulsar uses deep learning to understand the content and context of an image.

Network Analysis

Skip the raw data and go straight to visual, insightful maps to see how your audience is segmented, who the influencers are and how content, people and topics connect.

More key features


Choose the best algorithm for the job by selecting one of many artificial intelligence services integrated into the Pulsar platform.

Advanced Filtering

Get straight to the insight with more than 50 filters, allowing you to slice and dice your data by demographics, behaviors and affinities like no other platform can.

Data Management

Tag and annotate any piece of content and author using custom taxonomies to enable advanced content analysis and real-time segmentation.

Content Tracking

Track any digital content (video, advert, website), see how it is shared and who is sharing it. Understand what drives its viral appeal to create more relevant and engaging content strategies.

Social Panels

Context is everything. Listen to custom audience segments like tech journalists, doctors, millennials, or basketball fans using Pulsar's audience tracker.

Content Dashboard

Images, videos, text: Pulsar analyzes any media shared within a post so you can immediately identify the content that’s driving engagement, reach and visibility.


TRAC Mention

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  • Unlimited searches, limited data: flexible, tailored, best for agencies
  • If you’re looking to set up a whole bunch of trackers because well, there’s just a lot of different things to research, TRAC Mention is for you

TRAC Search

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  • Scalable data limits, easy to manage, best for brands
  • TRAC Search is the best option if you’re only interested in researching one or few subjects but you expect to collect a lot of data

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