Pulsar CORE

Pulsar CORE is a complete analytics tool to help you measure and optimize your social media performance and benchmark it against your competitors and the industry.

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Industry Benchmarks

Benchmark the reach and engagement of your social channels against your competitors and the entire category.

Content Performance

Understand how your content is performing: are images working better than video? Is Instagram the best channel to reach your audience? Is your content strategy talking to your audience?

Brand view

See the bigger picture. Combine your earned and owned social media performance in one view to get an integrated brand-level metric and benchmark it against competitors and industry. Group your brand and competitors into a brandset - and build as many brandsets as you want to manage multi-market, enterprise-scale accounts.

Social Audience Management

Manage all your social audiences in one clear, convenient dashboard – from tracking the growth of your audience to measuring overall reach and engagement for each channel, brand or category.

More key features


Add unlimited channels from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


Store all the data you need for as long as you need to map longitudinal trends for brands, competitor sets and entire categories.


Create your own custom taxonomies to map content and engagement against your social strategy.



starting from


  • Unlimited storage, unlimited users
  • Pricing for CORE depends on the amount of profiles you are looking to use. All CORE subscriptions are for a 12-month period, and come with unlimited users and unlimited storage

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