Introducing SEARCH: Instant global news search & discovery

Introducing SEARCH: Instant global news search & discovery

22nd January 2024

Finding global news stories on a topic, brand or initiative has just become much faster and easier for Pulsar customers. 

Today we’re launching Pulsar SEARCH, a lightning-fast, intuitive product that allows comms, PR & marketing professionals to quickly find relevant stories about their brand and assess the type and scale of media coverage on any topic.  

Whether you need to quickly find media coverage, quantify the scale and type of coverage around a particular topic, or get a sense of which outlets are covering which topic and points of view – you need to be able to do so quickly, globally and without setting up complex searches.  

That’s where Pulsar SEARCH comes in.

Simply navigate to SEARCH, type in your query, and you’ll instantly retrieve media stories from anywhere in the world, discovering how your topic or brand is being covered across all countries, languages and media sources, including Online, Print, Radio & TV, and Podcasts. 

SEARCH gives you a quick overview of the media conversations from different regions and media types and arms you with instantly accessible insights to inform your media and content strategy. 

Inspired by all the other search tools you use daily, we’ve built SEARCH with a focus on simplicity and intuitiveness, aiming to make the end-to-end experience of finding and discovering media as seamless as possible. 

Key features include: an easy-to-use keyword input; powerful filters to sift through and refine your results; and added options to only surface content that mentions your keywords in the title, making it super easy to identify the content that puts your topics front and center. 

This straightforward experience means you, or anyone in your team, can complete a comprehensive search and find the media items you’re looking for in no time at all. 

Importantly, a successful search is only as good as the results returned. Pulsar Search results are hi-fidelity, in other words, 100% of matching media items are instantly shown in your results. 

This not only saves you time but also gives you greater confidence in the results being displayed, as you’ll be able to see the whole picture rather than only sampled or “top’ results. 

Being part of the Pulsar product suite means we can seamlessly integrate the experience across them when it saves you time: SEARCH supports a seamless integration with TRAC, giving you greater flexibility around news content and allowing you to make your TRAC searches as rich and complete as needed.

Simply select the article you found on SEARCH, and add it to any existing TRAC search on your domain. Additionally, for users of the PR & Comms view, using the TRAC integration, you can add your results directly to a Shortlist to include additional insight in the Coverage Reports you’re building. 

Pulsar SEARCH is now available for all Pulsar users. As the first of many new instant data and analytics products we’re building, we’re always interested in what you think. 

If you’re a Pulsar customer, contact your account team to learn more about accessing this new Search product. If you’re considering Pulsar and want to learn more about how Pulsar can help you, simply fill out the form below.