Webinar: How brand reputation crises play out

Webinar: How brand reputation crises play out

2nd May 2024

Brand rep. Street cred. Trust. It takes years to build, but can crumble at the drop of a poorly-timed post.

In our latest webinar, How brand reputation crises play out: understanding the Boeing tailspin & how reputation intelligence can help brands weather storms, we discussed the benefits of priming your audience by identifying and shaping topics and conversations that help portray your point of view. Brand reputation extends far beyond your immediate sphere - influencing conversations on a broader scale and understanding your sub-audiences’ differences can help brands navigate crises with precision.

Pulsar’s Alex Wells (Associate Research Director) and Vuelio’s Kelly Scott (VP Account Management) join Head of Content Alex Bryson to discuss how brand reputation crises take shape, evolve and dissipate from both audience intelligence research and PR angles. 


Watch the full webinar to explore:

  • How audience segmentation helps tackle crises with nuance
  • Why reputation management spans much further than your own brand
  • What the Boeing crisis tells about how crises can embroil other brands

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Watch the full webinar: