Introducing Pulsar’s New Brand Visual Identity

Introducing Pulsar’s New Brand Visual Identity

23rd August 2023


Meet Pulsar’s new brand visual identity.

Just a few months after our platform underwent one of its biggest evolutions, we are taking Pulsar's brand in a new creative direction, with brand new visuals, a refreshed logo, color palette, and so much more.

We've steered the brand towards this bolder, more playful and abstract direction with two ideas in mind. The first is to represent the digital spaces we inhabit and how they change over time. The second is to visually represent how Pulsar enables you to observe the world through an audience lens – and decode its underlying structures.

At the heart of this identity sits imagery custom created by Lucy Hardcastle of LHStudio, a multidisciplinary design practice pioneering the use of interactive technologies and 3D visuals to develop 'sensual storytelling for a digital age.'

The images aim to illustrate metaphors relating to Pulsar and how researchers, marketers and comms professionals use it: audience as a prism through which to analyze and understand the digital sphere; trends organically making waves as they move through the culture; constellations of audiences and topics constantly spinning away and crashing into each other.

Most Pulsar customers need to achieve a deep, continuous understanding and connection with digital culture and public opinion, in a media environment which keeps expanding and accelerating.

This brand refresh aims to depict those movements and evolutions, and how Pulsar can help organizations interpret those signals to better resonate with their audience, and create relevant messages.

Art directed by Imogen Bellotti, who also authored the previous Pulsar brand, this new identity tackles the complex question of how to represent data, insights, audiences and trends across the many different industries Pulsar serves.

With a new identity, we are also launching a whole new data visualization language, which in inextricably linked with Pulsar's identity and brand. This logic was imagined and developed by Pulsar Marketing Research Lead Dahye Lee and brings elegance and intuitiveness to the stories we tell through data. 


Brands are not static. They evolve and grow as they interact with audiences, readers, and society at large. We can't wait to show you where we take this brand in the coming months and years, but in the meantime we simply invite you to explore the entire website as well as our updated resources, and get to know this distinctive, flexible, and modern brand.